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Multi-Day Tours!

08 June 2017
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Multi-Day Tours are Here!

One of the perks of owning your own company is working from your own house, and on a nice day that means working outside on your patio. The beginning of May has been a bit of a disappointment with colder than average temperatures and buckets of rain hitting. Now that we have hit mid-May a heat wave has arrived and gave us the opportunity to try out our air conditioning for the first time; we bought a house in February. Sadly, the air conditioning does not work and we had to look to our home warranty to kick off the process! Please mother nature no more heat waves until our air conditioning is fixed!

Getting back to sitting outside on this glorious hot day, I was forced to put on suncream, without it I turn into a lobster. Just the smell of suncream brought back old summer memories of relaxing by the pool, but more importantly memories of long days on the saddle while cycle touring. Bring on the odd tan lines! I cannot wait for the summer to hit us fully and to introduce cycle touring overnights to our business.

ride bike on quiet road

Originally we came up with starting this touring business while Alex and I were cycle touring South-East Asia for 100 days, read about our journey here. The high we experienced being on the bike for multiple days, getting to see new places everyday provided a great change of pace from the normal 9-5 and we found it exhilarating. Having those 100 days off to be free is essentially what broke me from being content at an office 9-5 job, like I was doing before. Now in my spare time I was thinking of when I could go on a next cycle tour and what new areas I could explore, and that is when it hit us. Why don’t we create a business that does just that!

Enter Vietnam by bike

Last year was our first year and starting a new business requires determination and drive. Luckily for us Alex had a fairly comprehensive background in coding and was able to create our website for us. As well as having computer skills his other skill was intensive bike mechanical knowledge which aided us in obtaining bikes and keep them running well.

After the set-up was done we hit the ground running, first with introducing single day bike tours. I grew up in the area and after riding around all spring I knew that the area around us, mainly Bucks County and Hunterdon County, was prime for cycling. The amazing thing is I don’t think the rest of the world has realized the hidden gems spread in the area. The hardest part of a new business is advertising and at first it was slow, but by the end of summer we obtained great reviews from our amazing customers and word started to spread.

This year we want to take it one step further and introduce the multi day tour, in addition to, the single day tour. We know not everyone has had the pleasure to cycle tour and we wanted to create an introductory cycle tour option to give you a taste, the Easton Two day Tour. This is two days of riding with one night in the town of Easton scheduled on weekends, so no vacation time is needed. Those of you who want to try out cycle touring, but may not have vacation time or just apprehensive this is the tour for you!

County Lanes

What is better than a 2 day tour, well a longer tour of course! Multiple days on the bike exploring further and building camaraderie with your fellow tourers is where all the fun happens. We have put together a couple options to do this and no matter which option you take you cannot go wrong. If you are more of a hotel type of person where you enjoy a nice warm shower and a bed to rest your head every night or if you are the person wanting a complete nature experience while gazing at the stars and bonfires every night we got something for you.

Both longer tours are 3 nights and 4 days of cycling. One starts in Lambertville, NJ and travels through the Delaware Valley showcasing Sourland Preserves, Hunterdon Plateau, charming towns, scenic hike, and spectacular river views. The other tour starts in Milford, PA, a small picturesque town along the Delaware, and heads into the Catskills mountains. This tour has hours of isolated roads and each night bonfires and nature campsites. We stop for a short hike to Kaaterskills Falls, the highest waterfall in NY and have another hike option later in the tour. Both tours you cannot go wrong with and will build memories for a lifetime!